Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rob Marshell-Lee.....

As I mentioned previously I plan to introduce all of our board to you.  I sent the board an email with 13 questions to answer about themselves. Some people don't like sharing information.... others give you too much (stayed tuned for Pamela's update next week!)  

Luckily Rob responded with enough time for me to make the first newsletter deadline, so he got to be the first introduction.  If you read last weeks newsletter you would know that Rob has three boys Jack, Harry and George. He and Yvonne live just down the road from school, allowing the kids to walk to school each day and the school to use their land for the cross country last month.. When asked about his favourite food he first states Steak & Kidney Pie (fairly acceptable answer to most), he then adds 'with Brussell Sprouts' well were do we go from there!   With a strong intrerest in the land and sustanibility it is no wonder that a milking goat is on the long list of animals/pets around their property.   Rob's favourity memory from school in England was playing Conquers. 

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