Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Introducing the board....

When I was first approached to join the board I said ‘Yes’ (what else can you say to the Principal of your kids school!)  After my first meeting, which happened to have ERO visiting, I came away feeling like the English language had been shortened into acronyms (BOT, ERO, PPTA, NZSTA…. the list goes on and on) and feeling very out of my comfort zone.  

So with that in mind I am going to spend the next few weeks introducing the current board and to let you know what we do (and don’t do) for Ashley School.  Our current board consists of 5 parent representatives: Lisa Dickson (me), Andy Leslie, Rob Marshall-Lee, David Milne, & Pamela Simpson (also our chairperson). Craig is on as Principal and Gill Robinson is our staff rep. Nicky Dowling is our thankless minute taker.  We will get to know them all better over the coming weeks too.

I also plan to keep our blog up to date with current topics of discussion, so if you have any thing you would like to know about us please feel free to comment or come find me at school.  As my youngest child started school last week, I will be the nervous/sad/elated parent hanging out near Room 7 before and after school.


  1. Great work Lisa, sounds like fun these Boards!

  2. Thanks Lisa this is going to be a great way to keep our community informed.